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  1. Este vídeo descreve como fazer inseticidas usando sementes da árvore neem ou amargoseira.
  2. Naturally occurring insecticidal compounds can be extracted from neem seeds and sprayed onto crops to prevent pest insect damage. This 2 minute and 33 second animation explains how to sort neem fruits, dry them, remove their outer shells, sort the seeds, grind them, mix the powder in water,...
  3. 19/12/1993 Velvet bean,Mucuna pruriens, hasprobably had more impact on farmers lives than any plant distributed from our seedbank.
  4. Abstract, RUFORUM, 2018 Malnutrition is one of the most serious problems throughout the world and children are especially vulnerable to it. The aim of this research is to formulate foods fortified with baobab fruit pulp and moringa leaf powder for under-five-years old children. Specifically, the...
  5. AVN deploys an innovatory model of development based on the principle that it is better to “ ...teach a man how to fish rather than give him fish”, applied to the entire structure of the housing market and the construction sector. If it is better to teach people how to build a house rather than...

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