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Basil is an upright, aromatic, annual plant, up to 75 cm in height, and used as a culinary herb and for essential oil. The leaves of basil are often used as a seasoning in tomato sauces and the basis for making pesto. There are many varieties of basil with different colored leaves and unique flavors.

Italian Large Leaf

A popular variety that is slow to bolt and has uniform, dark green broad leaves.

Sweet Local Thai

Dark green leaves with purple flowers and soft leaves. Used in both Thai traditional medicine and in food for flavoring, sweet basil is an annual herb. Its leaves are used as a spice. In medicinal applications, sweet basil is used to help headaches, coughs, diarrhea, and constipation.


A Genovese-type basil, this variety is less susceptible to downy mildew as the 8 cm long leaves are slightly cupped. A mildly spicy flavor makes this basil perfect for pesto sauce and other culinary delights.  

Sweet Thai

This unique basil has a spicy clove and anise flavor and is used in Southeast Asian cooking. Green leaves with attractive purple stems and blooms.