1. This guide covers shots, prevention, diagnosis, treatment.
  2. The purpose of this publication is to inform interested persons of recommended procedures used for various tropical crops. Included are information and a comprehensive treatment of basic and applied aspects of plant introduction for each crop, which are not generally found in books or scientific...
  3. အဓိက အရင်းအမြစ် 1993-02-01 Demonstrated harvesting and drying techniques, and describes the characteristcs and uses of more than sixty herbs.
  4. With a range of over 700 species shown in 1,500 photographs, this guide gives information on each plant's chief characteristics and its principal herbal uses, from cookery to medicine, and beauty treatment to arts and crafts.
  5. Who do parents turn to with questions about homeschooling, whether they're novices, long-timers, or just testing the waters? Experienced homeschoolers. Who better to answer the questions arising from any serious endeavor than those who have been there, done that, and found a better way? In...
  6. 1984-01-01 The FNGLA Certified Horticulture Professional program is a voluntary program for the certification of employees in the horticulture industry in Florida. The program, designed for the professional improvement of individuals in the industry, is one of the activies of the Florida Nursery, Growers...
  7. 2002-01-01 It is the hope of the consultation group and the editors that in the midst of the most horrific crisis of modern day, that this manual will provide a useful guide to offering compassionate, thoughtful care to those in desperate needs.
  8. Floor plans, drawings, specifications, and descriptions are provided for efficiently and ecologically designed family houses, studio livingspaces, hillside homes, and underground and passive solar-tempered houses. 316 pgs, illustrations, pictures
  9. This book was written to provide sound information on the husbandry of the green iguana and on helping to develop, to the degree that it is possible, a pet/owner rapport with these wonderful animals.
  10. At last...a comprehensive, truly unbiased herbal resource for health care professionals. You want to know the facts about herbal agents, not the folklore. You want results of scientific studies, not anecdotal reports and unverified claims.