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  1. AccessAgriculture Training Video How do land preparation and water management affect crop establishment, weed management and rice yields? In this video you can learn the answers to these and other questions. This video is part of the Rice Advice DVD. Available languages English French Kiswahili...
  2. in writing this book the authors have had two kinds of readers in mind. The first is the economic or political decision maker who is neither a specialist in water sciences nor has the time to study long and learned works, and the second is the student or the interested layman who wants to obtain...
  3. 01 Januari 1994 Various sections with different page numbering, illustrated, tables
  4. 01 Januari 1988 70 pages, illustrated
  5. 01 Januari 2013 No page numbers, illustrated, photos
  6. 01 Januari 1990 Agrodok 6 113 pages, illustrated
  7. 9 pages, illustrated 51001-BK
  8. 06 Januari 1982 This guide is intended for use by all who are concerned with the development of irrigated land for increasing food production in developing nations. 23 pages, photos
  9. 01 Januari 2003 This report analyses the water productivity and water-saving initiatives in the Syr-Darya river basin of Central Asia. The report presents institutional and political aspects of water resources management in the basin-particularly a brief descript of pre- and post-soviet developments in water...
  10. Over the past 2-3 years CFGB staff and partners have been developing and field testing CA training materials designed to be used at the farmer level. We are pleased that the African Conservation Tillage network has agreed to host these materials on their website at