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  1. Edible Portion: Flowers, Shoots, Vegetable A grass which keeps growing from year to year. It forms large clumps. It can grow 2-4 m tall. The leaf blades are 4 cm wide.The edges become very sharp. The flowers are dense and spike like. They are yellow, brown and purple.
  2. This video overviews 5 tropical forages that are suitable to feed to rabbits: Mulberry -Morusspp. Tick Trefoil -Desmodium rensonii Napier/Elephant/Uganda grass -Pennisetum purpureum Red Mombin -Spondias purpurea Mexican Sunflower -Tithonia diversifolia
  3. 20 Januari 2021 The Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics publishes papers dealing with original research and review papers in the fields of plant production, animal nutrition and animal husbandry, soil science, rural economy and farm management, forestry and forest economy,...