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  1. Explores possible methods of harnessing and using solar, wind, and water energy and the ways in which shifting to such sustainable energy sources will affect our lifestyles, diets, jobs, and economy
  2. Wilson Clark explains the alternative energy sources which do not require the sacrificing of peoples' health, freedom, income and environment as tribute to the monopolistic corporations.
  3. Sumber Daya Utama 19 Januari 1976 Volume 1 A guide to practical plans and books for village and small community technology. Critical reviews of selected publications on alternative sources of energy, farm implements, shop tools, agriculture, low-cost housing, health care, water supply, pedal power, philosophy of appropriate...
  4. 01 Januari 1995 Introduces and discusses the availability, advantages, and environmental aspects of renewable energy resources.
  5. Focuses on small-scale energy technologies, not based on conventional fuels that are candidates for rural and village use in developing countries. The technologies that this book presents are capable of improving the quality of rural and village life in situations where conventional fuels and...
  6. Abstract, Clean Technologies, 2018 July Currently, renewable energy development is emphasized for sustainable development goals accomplishment and the better realization of sustainable development globally. Tanzania, like other developing countries, is striving to adopt different ways of ensuring...
  7. A detailed survey of the main areas of bio-energy and biomass, solar energy and hydro, wind and water power. The authors address the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energies, their appropriateness, and their socio-economic implications.
  8. This supplement includes information on new technologies. This report serves merely to direct the reader where to go for more information, and is not intended to be a 'how-to" manual or detailed catalog.
  9. The objective of this book is to provide a status report on the development of renewable energy in the United States and an objective assessment of its most probable prespects through the year 2000. The intent is to fill a gap in the literature and guide geographers and others through the...
  10. This is the Bible of independent living and renewable energy. Now in its tenth edition, the Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook has been in print and regularly updated since 1982. In these pages you'll find up-to-date articles on all aspects of appropriate technology, written by experts with...
  11. This publication looks at the world's commitment ro renewable energy sources.

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