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  1. Key Resource 19-01-1993 Provides information for developing new vegetables, and discusses plant breeding methods for breeding for flavor, size, shape, or color
  2. Key Resource 01-12-2000 All gardeners and farmers should be plant breeders, says author Carol Deppe. Developing new vegetable varieties doesn't require a specialized education, a lot of land, or even a lot of time. It can be done on any scale. It's enjoyable. It's deeply rewarding. You can get useful new varieties much...
  3. 01-01-1997 All you want or need to know to grow a marvelous Kitchen Garden!Thisbooksconsentrates on flavorful, high yieldintensivelygrown plants and it is an attrative and inegralpart of your over all gardenand outdoorliving space, apposed to beingplantedin some remote or hidden corner of the yard.