1. This manual is to enable trainees to: Explain the importance of fingerlings production Describe the materials required for hatchery Describe brook-stock Use hormone for inducing brooder-stock Carry out artificial propagation Manage brood-stock Feed and Protect fingerlings in the hatchery
  2. There is a need for a compilation of general information on various aspects of tilapia culture in Trinidad and Tobago. Although tilapia production in Trinadad and Tobago is not significant, there has been renewed interest in the area which offers great potential. It is hoped that this manual will...
  3. 20/01/2012 ECHOAgricultural Conference 2012 Publisher [United States] : ECHO, [2012] Media: DVD Summary: Speakers will share practical solutions to agricultural challenges, personal experiences and strategies for improving the lives of millions who daily face the threat of starvation. The event offers an...
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    01/07/2010 La pisciculture peut générer un grand intérêt et un grand enthousiasme. Elle a un grand potentiel pour produire des protéines de haute qualité dans des délais relativement courts et dans de petites zones. La pisciculture est un moyen pour les agriculteurs pauvres en ressources à travers le monde...
  5. Ressource principale 19/01/1990 This manual is written for farmers to help them learn how to build ponds and raise fish as a way of producing nutritious food, and building healthy communities. It can also be used by development workers and extension agents as a training tool. 75 pages, illustrated
  6. 11/01/1992 This paper documents the aims, execution and the findings of a survey of fish farmers in Luapula Province, Zambia carried out during June-August 1988. 62 pages, illustrations ALCOM Field Document no. 9
  7. Ressource principale 01/01/1998 A guide for small farmers and development workers who are interested in tilapia culture but need basic information. This book sets out in simple terms how to develop a tilapia farm while avoiding the potential pitfalls.
  8. This book is intended to help fish farmers understand the basic principles of modern fish farming.
  9. This publication includes a review of tilapia aquaculture in the Americas. It is for the wanting to advance the worldwide growth of tilapia to meet human needs in a sustainable manner.