1. Edible Portion: Flowers, Leaves, Root, Herb, Vegetable, Bulb, Sprouts An onion like plant without a bulb and with flat leaves. It grows one year, then flowers the next. There is one bulb. There can bebulblets. The covering is white. The leaves are flattened and vary from 40-100 cm long by 1.2-2.5...
  2. 01/01/1986 The goal of this project is to end the problems of seasonal hunger in developing countries. Included is information on growing sprouts and recipes on how to use them. 92 pages, illustrations
  3. The greatest health need of a family or individual is the daily use of organic fresh live produce. This book shows how everyone can grow simply within a small kitchen space an organic salad.
  4. This booklet explains how to sprout seeds, the care of the sprouts, and a section of sprouted recipes.
  5. Written for everyone who is interested in good nutrition at a low cost--and with great taste--this highly practical and fully illustrated book provides readers with all the information necessary to start and maintain an indoor sprout garden. The book discusses a wide variety of sprouts and...
  6. 01/01/1982 This chapter brings together data from those studies and evaluates the ancient practice of sprouting seeds for food and feed uses from a contemporary viewpoint. Consolidation of this information about seed sprouting from numerous disciplines provides a view of the role that germination studies...
  7. This cookbook includes description of each seed and recipes to use the sprouts in.
  8. Turn nuts, vegetable seeds, grains, and beans into gourmet food. Includes recipes for sprout breads, cookies, crackers, soups, pizza, bagels, dressings, dips, spreads, sautes, nondairy milks, and ice-creams. Also food dehydrating, juicing, natural sodas, and foods glossary.
  9. 01/01/1993 This book describes over 40 different kinds of sprouts that you can grow at home. You will learn the basics behind the fine art of indoor growing, the tools and techniques needed, the nutritional facts behind the sprout diet, and sources for seeds and sprouting tools.
  10. 01/01/1983 A complete guide to growing your own food indoors, from stored grains, beans, nuts and vegetable seeds.