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Présenté par: Alain GOUBA

Événement: 2016 ECHO West Africa Forum: Ibadan, Nigeria (12/04/2016)

Basic principle: the concept of the FFF begins with the assumption that no technology will succeed alone to adequately address poverty in Africa. Above all, we must recognize the role of God.

The FFF system includes the following principles (but is not limited to these):

  • Spiritual formation
  • Careful management and faithful of the land. The activities are performed
    • (a) at time;
    • (b) to rigorous standards;
    • (c) by wasting as little as possible; and
    • (d) in joy. To do otherwise would be selfish evidence.
  • The importance of taking care of things that God has entrusted to us. Being faithful with soil, rain, sun, seeds and labor, etc.
  • The wisdom of taking care of the soil, which includes minimum tillage and mulching. Oldreive encourages us to learn of the creation, which does not practice deep plowing of the soil but rather covered with a natural layer of mulch. From these two observations, we see the importance of reduced tillage (so it retains its natural structure with plenty of oxygen, microorganisms and humus) and mulching (to protect the soil against runoff and erosion).