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This video is Session 3 part 3 of our ongoing training on "Introduction to Soil Science." This training gives a broad overview and introduction to some basic soil characteristics: phases (solid, liquid, gas), texture, density, structure, reaction (pH), plant-water relationships, organic matter, and nutrients.

This video gives a practical demonstration of how to collect soil samples for testing.

Special thanks to Dr. Landon Darilek for giving this presentation at the ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 24 July 2020.

Video highlights include:

00:00 Tools needed to collect soil samples on your farm

04:30 How to use a soil sampler tool to collect soil

11:30 Importance of properly labeling your samples!

14:50 How to collect soil samples using a garden variety shovel

21:00 Final notes on how to prepare soils to send to soil testing facility

22:00 Q&A with Landon and ECHO Asia staff