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samedi 01 octobre 2022 08h30 - samedi 01 octobre 2022 15h30
ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center, Thailand
Présenté par: ECHO Asia Impact Center

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Biosand Water Filtration Workshop 1Oct2022Biosand Water Filtration Workshop 1Oct2022 THAI

We are pleased to invite you to the Biochar Production Workshop on Saturday, September 24th, and the Biosand Water Filtration Workshop the following Saturday, October 1st. We recommend you consider attending both of these two workshops together, as biochar is needed for the water filtration systems.

To learn more about the Biochar Production Workshop on Saturday, September 24th, CLICK HERE.

If you cannot attend one or both of these in-person events, consider taking our virtual training (Individual or group)! We offer both of these workshops online (and many more!). To learn more about virtual workshops, fill out our Google Form! CLICK HERE

Email us at echoasia@echocommunity.org to register and for more information!