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Agroforestry Series: Bananas Are More Than Bananas Workshop Flier

  1. 26/08/2022 Overview of the amazing and versatile banana plant, with mention of banana origins, propagation techniques,management strategies, and the many uses of this plant's diverse parts.
  2. Banana trees are very easy to grow for the gardener who likes delicious tree ripened tasty fruit, lush tropical foliage and the fastest growing - tallest of all flowering herbaceous plants. Ty Ty Nursery grows banana trees in fields just like row-crop farmers cultivate fields of cotton and corn....
  3. 01/01/1994 The author of this book, realized in good time that banana management education was the key word to salvage the situation. Unfortunately such education exised in forms not easily available to the farmers. This book fills a critical vacuum for adequate banana education to farmers, extension...
  4. 19/12/1999 A practical way to increase the number of banana suckers.