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This book features both common and hard-to-find fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and bamboo for Southwest Florida.   It includes fruiting trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, fruiting vines, brambles, tropical vegetables, herbs, spices, bamboo, tropical and subtropical fruit tree ripening chart, estimated fruit yields, tree planting, fruit tree pruning, cold tolerance, drought tolerance, flood tolerance, fruit trees and saline soils, edible landscaping, plant index.  Please note that, while originally developed as a nursery catalog, the plants mentioned may no longer be available in the ECHO nursery.

68 pages, illustrations

2 copies

Informations de publication

  • Publié: 2007
  • Éditeur: ECHO
  • Dewey Decimal: 634.091
  • Bibliothèque ECHO: 634.091 ECH