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Many new pasture plants have entered farming practice in the tropics and sub—tropics in the past two decades.  This book attempts to define the principles of plant behavior which decide the ecological success or failure of these plants in the diverse environmental conditions of the tropical world.

The geographical distribution of tropical pasture plants and their capacity for genetic variation are first discussed.


Gramineae, leguminoseae, hybridization, transplanting, tropical pastures, Australia, Andropogoneae, grasses, legumes, apomictic grasses, drought tolerance, forage, potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, allelopathy,

Informations de publication

  • Publié: 1981
  • Éditeur: Macmillan Publishers Ltd
  • ISBN-10: 0333268202
  • ISBN-13: 978-0333268209
  • Dewey Decimal: 633.2
  • Bibliothèque ECHO: 633.2 HUM