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Forage Peanut is a prostate, nitrogen-fixing, perennial plant, used mostly as a cover crop for erosion, weed, and fire control. It is favored for these purposes in tree plantations, as it will tolerate some shade. It also makes for good cattle and poultry grazing if a 30-day rest period is allowed between each 5 days of grazing.

  1. L’arachide sauvage est cultivée dans l’ensemble des tropiques et sub-tropiques humides ainsi que dans les tropiques en altitude.
  2. This spreading groundcover is particularly effective on sites that have problems with erosion, since the rhizomes grow to form a mat that helps hold soil in place. Perennial peanut is evergreen in frost-free areas of the state. In colder parts of the state, it will drop its leaves, exposing its...
  3. 20/11/2018 Grain sorghum(Sorghum bicolor)and pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum)are both globally important warm-season,annual cereal grain crops.Small-scale farmers who grow these grains can belimited by access to fertilizers and human labor. Agricultural low input systems use few commercial inputs,...
  4. 30/03/2017 Forage peanut is a perennial herb native to Brazil that is found throughout South America and has many uses.
  5. AccessAgriculture Training Video Saving water, minimum land use, less labour, faster growth, giving a high yield of highly nourishing fodder that will improve your livestock. These are the key benefits in hydroponic fodder production. BanglaEnglishFrenchHindiMarathi