1. 20/10/2006 Development is a) a process of people learning to solve their own problems, b) sustainably. It means progressing from one problem to another. Agricultural development is possible in more ways and climates than people often think.
  2. 20/4/2007 In observation trials, each variety is grown in only one plot of ground. Observations from such trials are not as conclusive as with replication. As long as site conditions are fairly uniform, however, they give the experimenter a pretty good idea of likely “losers” and “winners.”
  3. 20/10/2003 For many of us the idea of “research” is scary. We are not trained in it. We picture rigorous statistical analyses that we do not have any idea about. We have seen glossy scientific journals with technical words that we could not understand. Besides, isn’t our goal to directly help small farmers?...
  4. 20/10/2003 This article covers the important steps in planning and carrying out an experiment and then apply these steps to a sample experiment.
  5. 20/1/2010 To answer questions about rights to resources in your community, you need to understand the ways people claim and own resources in your region. Ownership defines who can do what with different resources. Four questions that need to be answered.
  6. 1/1/1999 This is one of a series of Education Papers issued from time to time by the Education Division of the Department for International Development. Each paper represents a study or piece of commissioned research on some aspect of education and training in developing countries. Most of the studies...
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