1. 15/11/2022 Session:Learn a model of combining regenerative agriculture, re-vegetation, and biodiversity protection in order to protect, restore and reconnect ecosystems to create healthy, connected and productive landscapes where people and nature flourish.
  2. Lightning Talk, ECHOEast Africa Pastoralist Symposium, March 29, 2022. Presenter: Barick Leya
  3. 20/6/2011 Policy support for endogenous development Seed diversity celebration in Peru Ghanaian community protects sacred groves from mining Holistic assessment program in Bolivia Recognion and support for traditional anti-malarial programmes Organic farming - India
  4. 19/10/1992 Donkey power to the women Interviewing cows Policies promoting pastoralists Holistic resource management Livestock fertiliser factories Nutrient cycle Poultry in the backyard Animal traction Do-it-yourself vet services
  5. This book is for use in teaching the basic principles of Holistic Management in a village context.
  6. 3/3/2016 Session: Thisl talk will be about the history of Holistic Management in Laikipia since its start in 2010. It will describe the approach used, the tools, the preliminary results and the challenges that remain. The session shares the experience from Northern Kenya Conservancies and speaks of...
  7. The Savory Institute develops innovative tools and curricula, informs policy, establishes market incentives, increases public awareness, and coordinates research: cultivating relationships with aligned partners.
  8. 3/2/2015
  9. El Desarrollo integral está orientado a la satisfacción de las necesidades humanas básicas, que incluyen: la necesidad de Dios, la comida, el amor, la vivienda, la ropa, la salud física y mental y el sentido de la dignidad humana. Además, este enfoque tiene en cuenta que las personas son seres...