1. 19/10/1999 Debido a la preocupación sobre variedades del parásito de malaria resistentes al medicamento, los pacientes con malaria debieran tratarse con una combinación de dos medicamentos.
  2. 19/10/1999 Las mujeres que están o puedenestar embarazadas deben quizás no utilizar la semilla con unobjetivo medicinal.
  3. 1/10/2002 The questions we asked in EDN 69 were: Do you drink the tea yourself or know people who do? How do you make the tea? How often do you drink it? Do you know of people who drink the tea regularly and still get malaria?
  4. 20/7/2001 After the publication of our article on clay water filters (EDN71-4), we were questioned about the safety of colloidal silver.
  5. 20/1/2004 En una encuesta reportada en el East African Medical Journal, 597 niños en edad escolar y sus padres fueron encuestados en áreas del sur de Etiopía que presentan una alta incidencia de bocio.
  6. 20/4/2004 Filtering water through old clothes can effectively remove many of the copepods (a type of zooplankton) that carry cholera-causing bacteria. Researchers from the University of Maryland, College Park, did a study in Bangladesh comparing the effectiveness of old saris and nylon filters for...
  7. 20/10/2004 Smoke from open fires can be a nuisance, and it can also lead to severe health problems. The Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) has issued a document called “Smoke—the Killer in the Kitchen” that shares statistics on indoor air pollution caused by burning solid fuels like wood,...
  8. 1/10/2005 Konzo is an irreversible disease that appears suddenly and causes spastic paralysis of both legs. Konzo affects mainly women and children, afflicting thousands in the remote rural areas of Bandundu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has also been reported from remote rural areas in...
  9. 20/7/2006 In EDN Issue 80 (July 2003), we asked for feedback from our network about raising soybeans in the tropics. We heard back from several people and would like to share their responses.
  10. 20/7/2005 Feedback from the ECHO networking with information on cookstoves and indoor pollution.