1. 1/1/1987 199 pages, plus appendices, tables
  2. Recurso clave
    1/7/2010 La piscicultura puede generar mucho interés y emoción. Tiene potencial de producir proteínas de alta calidad en periodos relativamente cortos y áreas pequeñas. La piscicultura es una manera para agricultores con escasos recursos en todo el mundo de proveer proteínas que son demasiado caras para...
  3. Notebook of resources, illustrated 2 copies
  4. 1/1/1992 Spanish Language
  5. The Book of Abstracts for World Aquaculture '94 contains abstracts that are expanded in content and, in many cases, include tables and figures to compliment the text.
  6. This publication provides a simplified aquaponics manual. Waste does not exist in an aquaponics system as one portion utilizes the waste from another.
  7. This report is the results from a three year project to study "what makes sense" for aquaculture development in Ghana focusing on the target group of resource-poor farm household, which make up 85% of the rural population.
  8. The final goal of this publication is to rovide a realistic structure within which Peace Corps can begin to assist lesser developed countries in the development and managment of their natural freshwater fish resources.
  9. This manual is primarily intended for use by extension specialists, technicians and other concerned with production of warmwater fish in cages suspended in reservoirs, lakes and ponds. It introduces and discusses technology for fish production at high densities in low volume cages as a...
  10. 1/1/1987 Easy to read yet very informative. includes information on microscope use, microalgae identifiction, slide preparation, measuring cells, stains, key to common genera, description of cells variations, contaminants in cultures and photos. provides updated, step by step, instructions for culturing...