1. 1/1/1979 Cornell International Agriculture Bulletin 36
  2. 1/1/0980 424 pages, tables
  3. 1/1/1980 Agriculture in the Tropicsis one of the most successful and widely read books in the Tropical Agriculture Series and offers a general account of all the factors that affect agriculture in the tropics. It details the economic and physical factors that affect tropical agriculture and discusses land...
  4. 1/1/1983 38 pages, illustrated
  5. 1/4/1978 488 pages, illustrated, tables
  6. 1/1/1986 37 pages, tables
  7. 1/1/1991 767 pages, illustrated, photos
  8. 1/1/1978 This book is about survival and subsistence, especially when human systems fail. It presents an alternative life style outside of that called western civilization. If you live in the tropics it will give you the basic knowledge necessary to survive in spite of most catastrophes. It will give you...
  9. 1/1/1989 The present report is concerned with one particular aspect of this search for new production techniques and systems, that of phytopractices, after "phytopratiques" in French. This is a new term describing all those treatments which may improve, select, propagate or preserve plants on an...
  10. 1/1/1877 Excerpt of a longer work. Discussion on indian corn, rice, broom corn or millet. 54 pages