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Abstract, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 2019

An experiment was conducted to find out the suitable crop combination for increasing total productivity and net return through legume+vegetables intercropping system in a floating garden. Seven treatments viz., mungbean (monocrop), pechay (monocrop), upland kangkong (monocrop), lettuce (monocrop), mungbean + lettuce, mungbean + upland kangkong and mungbean + pechay were used in the study. Results showed that different intercropping combination did not influence the agronomic and yield components of mungbean which include the days to flowering, plant height, pod length and weight (g) of 100 seeds. No significant differences were also observed in the plant height of vegetables and the weight of pechay in mono and intercropping scheme. The intercropping system varied significantly in the weight (g) of 100 seeds and yield (kg/ha) of mungbean, weight plant-1 of lettuce and kangkong and herbage yield of all leafy vegetables. The yield of mungbean was comparatively lower when intercropped with vegetables. However, total productivity was higher due to additional yield of leafy vegetables. Among the intercrop combinations, mungbean+kangkong intercropping was the most feasible and profitable because it obtained the highest gross income, net income, and return on investment.

Key words- floating garden, intercropping, mungbean, vegetables