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Edible Portion: Seeds, Leaves, Pods, Vegetable

A climbing bean with long pods. The vines can be 3 m long. They normally twine around sticks. Dwarf kinds also occur. Leaves have 3 leaflets. The leaflets are oval and side leaflets are at an angle. Leaflets can be 2-16 cm long by 1-12 cm wide. The centre leaflet can have lobes near the base and the side leaflets can have lobes on the outer edge. The leaf stalks can be 2 -13 cm long. The flowering stalks are in the axils of leaves. There can be few or several flowers. The flowers can be white, yellow or blue. Flowers are 1-3 cm long by 1-3 cm wide. Pods are long (up to 90 cm) and flexible. The seeds can vary between white to dark brown. They are oblong or kidney shaped. Seeds are 4-12 mm long by 2-6 mm wide. There are many named cultivated varieties.