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Abstract, Advances in Bioresearch, 2015 January

By mixing compost with water and culturing for a limited period, we can produce compost tea, either aerated compost tea or not. Non-aerated compost tea. Compost teas are used for their beneficial effect on plants. High quality compost refers to compost that is high in microbiological activity. Compost tea is made by two brewing methods: non-aerated method aerated method. For both methods of compost of compost tea production microbial food may or may not be added. The inconsistency has been associated with a number of factors that affect the production process. Each has characteristics that influence the quality of the mature compost. Compost contains a diverse group of organisms dominated by bacteria and fungi participating in decomposing of organic matter. Dilution of the tea prior to foliar application may reduce the nutrients and microbial population.