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This Series contains 14 fold-out leaflets, practical for use in the field and easy to read. Covering multiple subjects, it gives some background to the subject, outlines processes and provides tips, tables and explanatory line drawings.

1. Rearing Dairy Goats 

2. How To Control Striga And Stemborer In Maize

3. Rainwater Harvesting For Increased Pasture Production 

4. Improved Practices in Rearing Indigenous Chickens

5. Making High Quality Cassava Flour 

6. Making Sweet Potato Chips and Flour

7. Enriched Compost For Higher Yields

8.Preserving Green Leafy Vegtables and Fruits

9. Making a Living Through Fish Farming 

10. Establishing a Tree Nursery

11. Making Banana Chips and Flour

12. Processing Tomatoes

13. How To Keep Bees and Process Honey 

14. How to Control The Mango Fruit Fly 

Detalles de publicación

  • Publicado: 2007
  • Editor: CTA
  • Dewey Decimal: 640.
  • Librería ECHO: 640. CTA