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Edible portion: Fruit 

A tree up to 15 m high that branches near the base giving a spreading open tree. The leaves are smaller (25 cm x 10 cm) and more pointed than Malay apple and on short stalks. Flowers are about 3 cm wide and white. They are on leafy twigs. It produces clusters of attractive glossy pink waxy looking fruit. Fruit are 3 cm long and 3-5 cm wide. At the end of the fruit there is a cavity almost enclosed by four lobes. The fruit has a waxy skin and crispy flesh.

A tropical plant. Trees grow in coastal areas in the tropics. They need a deep fertile soil. It needs adequate rainfall and some humidity. In Samoa it grows from sea level to 930 m altitude. It suits hardiness zones 11-12. In XTBG Yunnan.