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  1. E. uniflorais a South American tree, widely introduced for its valuable fruit and as an ornamental plant, adaptable, fast growing, especially in rich, well-drained soils, forming dense thickets that crowd out native regeneration. Seeds in the sweet and attractive fruit are spread by birds and...
  2. Eugenia uniflora, the Brazilian Cherry is a small tree/large bush with an oval, vase form growing to 7m high. Branches often develop close to the ground. The branches are thin and wiry. It has attractive dark green and shiny oval and pointed leaves about 2.5-6 cm long by 1.5-3 cm wide. New leaves...
  3. Este arbusto es nativo de Surinam, Guyana, Guyana Francesa hasta el sur de Brasil (especialmente en los estados de Rio de Janeiro, Paraña, Santa Catharina y Rio Grande), además la parte central, norte y este del Uruguay.

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