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Mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDs in small-scale farming is a handbook for agricultural extension officers and those who support them in government, NGOs and international organizations. Much of what is contained in this Agrodok has been dealt with in much greater detail in the many HIV/AIDS related publications available in print and online. Unlike more specialized literature Mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS provides a brief, straightforward account of how HIV/AIDS undermines community welfare and the productive capacity of farmers. It suggests some ways in which farming practices can be adapted to mitigate these effects.

The tools and approaches described in this Agrodok will be familiar to many readers. They have been tried and tested in small-scale farming communities throughout the world. Many of the insights and experiences referred to here come from Sub Saharan Africa. They can be used and adapted to encourage community members – irrespective of age, sex, material status or ethnic and religious identity – to work together to define their problems and find solutions using their own local resources.

Version 1, 2008