1. 19/1/1997 CARAPHIN NEWS. Dr. Pamela Anderson writes that"CARAPHIN NEWS provides a medium for disseminating technical information on matters related to agricultural and environmental health, particularly information that is generated in and should be shared within the Caribbean Region. MALL SCALE VEGETABLE...
  2. 19/10/1996 Back Issues of "Oilseed Press" Available How Can I Get Palm Oil from Oil Palms? Castor Bean Oil A Few Small-Scale Press Resources and Manufacturers
  3. This technical memorandum on oil extraction from groundnuts and copra covers the pre-processing of raw materials, oil extraction through pressing and the post-treatment stages.
  4. 20/1/2013
  5. As I studied more about Moringa seed, I learned that its valuable edible oil and this led me to start researching ways of extracting the oil. There are commercial chemical extractions, but these are too costly for the tribal people we work with. There are also cold and warm commercial presses,...
  6. Manual oil extraction from peanuts or other soft oil-seeds can be a viable enterprise for small businesses. This book describes small-scale processes of oil-extraction for possible use in rural areas, as well as ways to market and distribute the oilcake.
  7. Recurso clave 19/1/1995 Small-scale vegetable oil extraction presents the options available for processing a range of common oilseeds from domestic to village scales of operation. Details are provided on the type and source of equipment, and the requirements for financial success are examined. 2 Copies
  8. Oil press machineis a manually powered machine which was innovated and designed by CAMARTEC in the year 1990. It is used to press different types of seeds in order to produce oil out of them. There are two models of different sizes: the BP30 (has small capacity) and the BP50 (has bigger...
  9. 20/10/2013

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