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Conference Proceedings
The 6th Biennial ECHO Asia Agriculture and
Community Development Conference


Editors’ Note

In an effort to expand the dissemination of technical materials and best practices presented during this year’s ECHO Asia Agriculture & Community Development Conference, the ECHO Asia team has compiled a collection of technical papers contributed by network members and conference participants. 

The papers compiled in this Special Issue of ECHO Asia Notes seek to address a variety of topics relevant to the work of ECHO in the region, and summarize past and ongoing projects aimed at improving the lives of the marginalized through relevant, practical, and innovative agriculture-related practices. 

We would like to thank the implementers and authors of these projects by acknowledging the quality of their work, and hope that in sharing these synopses, others might benefit from their content. It is our hope that you might also be inspired to bolster your individual abilities to conduct similar use-inspired research in the field, and to continue to share with others what works and doesn’t work in your unique contexts.


Patrick Trail, M.S., CCA
Research & Technical Associate

Daniela K. Riley, MBA
Office Manager

Abram J. Bicksler, Ph.D.
Director, ECHO Asia Impact Center


Proceedings Contents

1. Edible Wild Plants and their Contribution to Livelihoods and Diet of Ethnic Communities in Northeastern Cambodia
Ra Thorng

2. Enabling a Bottom-up Approach in a Top-down Environment: A Case Study on Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) Facilitation in Huaphanh Province, Lao PDR
Claire Georges and Pierre Ferrand

3. Facilitating Farmer-led Innovation and Extension in Agroecology in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta, Myanmar
Justine Scholle, Premila Masse, and Louis Pautrizel

4. Improving Lives and Livelihoods through Responsible Rural Tourism, with Examples from India
Keith Virgo, Manisha Pande, Pooja Masoor, and Dinesh Pande

5. Sustainable Intensification of Rain Fed Lowland Rice Systems:  A Case Study in Xieng Khouang Province in Lao PDR
Mathilde Bourjac, Pierre Ferrand, and Jean-Christophe Castella