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Formerly Compatible Technology International (CTI)

We believe that a world without extreme poverty is entirely possible, and for us, it starts with providing tools for communities that are traditionally overlooked by mainstream engineering. We design tools in collaboration with smallholder farmers who evaluate our prototypes and provide feedback to ensure our designs are effective and culturally appropriate. We deliver our tools at an affordable price through direct sales to small farmers, entrepreneurs and organizations. We believe in the powerful idea that if people in poverty can improve their food production and raise their incomes, they are on the way to opening up greater opportunities for themselves, their children and their communities.

We collaborate with small farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to develop practical, affordable tools that help communities harvest and process their crops more efficiently and effectively. In Malawi, we are working with women peanut producers to design new tools for harvesting, stripping, and shelling their nuts, so they can increase the production and value of their crop. 

Ground Nut Tools

Multi-crop Grinder

Pearl Millet Thresher