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* Comprehensive information on diseases of the most important tropical fruit crops
* Chapters are devoted to a single or, in some cases, a related group of host plants
* The history, distribution, importance, symptoms, etiology, epidemiology and management of diseases of each crop are described in detail

This book offers a comprehensive review of diseases of important tropical and some subtropical fruit crops. The history, distribution, importance, etiology, epidemiology and control of diseases of each host crop are covered, along with brief summaries on the taxonomy, origins and characteristics of each host. Additional information is given on the biology and pathology of the causal agents and on new advances that change or otherwise enhance our understanding of the nature and cause of these diseases. Plant pathologists, plantation and nursery managers, lecturers and those who are involved in tropical agriculture and horticulture will find this an essential reference.

Detalles de publicación

  • Publicado: 2003
  • Editor: CABI Pub.
  • ISBN-10: 0851993907
  • ISBN-13: 978-0851993904
  • Dewey Decimal: 634.6
  • Librería ECHO: 634.6 PLO