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Presentado por: Quyen Tran

Evento: 2019 ECHO Asia "Small Scale: Up Scale" Agriculture & Community Development Conference (4/10/2019)

The multi-functional and inclusive Intergenerational Self-help Club (ISHC) is a mechanism for community strengthening that is inclusive of sustainable development. The ISHC aims at promoting the well-being of the poor and disadvantaged people, their families and communities. The model is based on the combined approaches of self-help, intergenerational, participation, capacity building and influencing. ISHCs are multi-functional and include activities such as capacity building, health care, home care, livelihoods, access to rights and entitlement and social bonding. Establishing ISHCs are affordable for low- and middle-income countries. The model is normally sustainable after two years support and is easily replicated ethnic minority, rural and urban areas, regardless of their cultural backgrounds, beliefs or development level.