La lechuga es una planta herbácea semiperenne de crecimiento rápido que se cultiva para obtener hojas comestibles que generalmente se comen crudas. La lechuga se adapta a condiciones frescas y húmedas en áreas templadas y por encima de los 1,000 m en las zonas tropicales.


Resembles small iceberg lettuce but is more heat resistant. It has thick, crisp, bright green outer leaves surrounding a large well-packed heart with mild and juicy flavor. This lettuce was developed at the University of Hawaii and matures in 50-54 days.


This lettuce variety was developed at Cornell University and is named after the town where the school is located. Heat tolerant and resistant to tipburn. It is a medium to large-sized, smooth flattened head with green frilled leaves. 53-85 days to maturity.

New Red Fire

A large semi-heading variety with large, deep red ruffled leaves that hold color even in adverse conditions. Plants uniformly produce the same size heads in 43 to 65 days.


A slow-bolting, heat resistant, big leaf cos/romaine type lettuce from Australia.

Tall Guzmaine

A romaine lettuce with dark green blistered leaves. This variety has some resistance to lettuce mosaic virus.

Kagraner Sommer

An heirloom butterhead lettuce from Germany that is resistant to heat and produces elegant pale green heads of exceptional quality. It matures in about 58 days.

Green Bowl MJ3

Leaves are green in color with wavy edges.

Red Oak

Densely bunched, deep red leaves.

Red Bowl MJ4

Leaves are deep red and maroon in color with wavy edges.


Young leaves can be eaten as well as the hardy stem at the base of the mature plant. 

Khasi Green

Loose-leaf type from Northeast India. Light green leaves usually eaten raw.

Green Oak

Green Oak Baby leaf MJ-3 15142TH

Laos Plot


Lettuce Green


Mini Cos (MJ53)

Long, wide leaves. White seeds.




A heat-tolerant, medium-sized head green leaf lettuce. High yielding, uniform, and disease resistant. 52 days to maturity.