El gandul probablemente se originó en África tropical, pero ahora es popular en el sudeste de Asia, el Caribe, el este y oeste de África y los trópicos de Estados Unidos. Es una leguminosa arbustiva, tolerante a la sequía, de rápido crecimiento, con una larga raíz y una masa de raíces fibrosas. Puede crecer hasta 4 m (13 pies) de altura, pero no tolera temperaturas muy bajas o las heladas.

Agroforestry Select

‘Agroforestry Select’ is a pigeon pea variety selected for use as an animal fodder. It can grow up to 3 m in height but does not bear a heavy crop of pods and seeds. This variety is also useful for intercropping and as a green manure.

Georgia TWO

'Georgia TWO' pigeon pea was developed by Dr. Sharad Phatak at the University of Georgia. It is a short-duration, day-neutral variety and is said to be determinate. This variety is very vigorous and productive and may produce up to 4,480 kg of dry seed per hectare.

ICPL 8151

'ICPL 8151' pigeon pea originates from part of a germplasm collection at ICRISAT in India. It is a long season, indeterminate variety, with creamy, white-colored seeds, growing up to 2 m in height, and taking 235 days to maturity.


‘Caqui’ is a long duration, indeterminate pigeon pea variety that produces abundant pods of creamy, white-colored seeds. As well as human consumption it is used for intercropping, green manure and fodder.


'Black' pigeon peas have historically grown very well at ECHO Florida. They produce black seeds and like other pigeon peas are perennial shrubs that produce green or dried beans in seasonally dry climates.

ICPL 92016

'ICPL 92016' pigeon pea was developed by ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics) in India. It is a short-duration pigeon pea (100-140 days to maturity), growing to 1.5 m in height, that produces an abundant crop of pods and seeds. At ECHO, this variety survived Hurricane Charley in 2004, recovering quite well despite being completely flattened.


'Mix', a mix of various pigeon peas in our collection. This mix contains some short duration and some long duration (daylength sensitive) pigeon pea varieties.  Varieties included are 'Georgia Two', 'ICPL 8151', 'Agroforestry Select' and 'Caqui'. Mixes are useful for trying out different types to see which grow best in a specific location.

ICPL 88034 -- Early Maturing

'ICPL 88034 - Early Maturing' originates from part of a germplasm collection in India. Days to 50% flowering is 61 days, which is earlier than long duration varieties. Days to maturity is 115 days. This variety also shows day-neutral characteristics.

Short Duration Vegetable


This variety is drought tolerant, and used for intercropping, green manure, fodder.The young peas and dried beans are edible and nutritious.

Thailand Mix

Local Thai variety with good flavor.

Pa-O Small

From Shan State, Myanmar. Leaves, pods, and seeds are edible.