1. This is a field guide to the identification of 594 of some 865 species of trees native to North America north of Mexico. Included are the most common and most important species and also many that are less familiar but no less interesting. To make the book most useful in the field, the text, range...
  2. In this book we hope to introduce trees to you and to give them character and individuality. As well as describing each tree, and illustrating its main characters with photographs, we have included paragraphs on its habitat, on its uses, and other points of interest wherever possible.
  3. The primary goal of this book is the further stimulation of interest in the vegetation of the Bahamas, in the hope that the resulting understanding and appreciation of the nation's natural treasures will augment the growing conservation movement.
  4. Includes common names of multipurpose tree species described on enclosed fact cards.
  5. Proper management of trees and forests is necessary to make resources sustainable. Trees ñ or rather: woody plants in general ñ play an important part in traditional farming systems in the tropics, not just as food and cash crops but also as suppliers of fuelwood and fodder. Farmers are also...
  6. Anyone can start a tree nursery and a home garden too. This guide has been produced to help you do this at school and at home. Tree nurseries offer young people a great way to get involved in practical conservation work. 2 Copies
  7. Written for both scientists and non-scientists, this book is an illustrated field guide to more than 150 tree species on the Indian subcontinent. It emphasizes keys for identification and includes concise discussions of economic uses, folklore, and taxonomic features.
  8. A new method for the practical identification and recognition of trees -- and an important supplement to existing botanical methods. The book is in two parts: Pictorial Keys and Master Pages. The Keys are designed for easy visual comparison of details whichlook alike, narrowing the identification...
  9. An authoritative and expert directory of the tree species of the world, comprising an illustrated identifier with detailed descriptions and winter and summer profiles, and a fascinating introduction to the tree, its parts and life-cycle, all shown with 800 artworks and photographs.
  10. This book includes pictures and descriptions of Florida's flowering trees and palms. 2 Copies