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  1. 1998-04-01 This research illustrates that the traditional practice of burning the fields prior to planting creates extreme runoff and erosion hazard. Technical Bulletin no. 98-2 21 pages, illustrated, photos
  2. 1995-06-01 This booklet contains information on the development of sloping agricultural land technology (SALT) in the Philippines for crop based agriculture and sustainable livestock production. 21 pages, illustrated
  3. In Soil and Water Conservation in Semi-Arid Kenya, the performance of soil and water conservation measures in rainfed cropping in the drier parts of Kenya is investigated, and the results of technical and economic analysis shown. Particular emphasis is given to the yield benefits and economic...
  4. 1980-01-01 Erosion and pollution problems exist in every country, and each country has its own approach to managing and conserving soil and water. Soil and waqter conservation is everybody's business.
  5. 1994-01-01 In The Human Farm: A Tale of Changing Lives and Changing Lands, Katie Smith presents an unforgettable combination of human drama, spiritual principes, and pragmatic accomplishment. In learning how to renew their fields to provide themselves with yearly harvest, Honduran peasants also learn...
  6. This booklet reflects this focus on encouraging self-sufficiency of persons in rural communities throught the world. It discusses planting methods forliving barriers and other uses for living barriers. 2 Copies
  7. Farmers in upland area throughout the world face similar problems. They generally cultivate feilds on moderately to severe sloping land with thin, easily eroded soils in areas where rainy season is short but intense.
  8. This booklet is an evaluation of conservation tillage practices in low rain fall areas of Ethiopida in the 2014 cropping season.
  9. This publication reports on soil conservation and management in developing countries.
  10. This book consideres tropical as well as temperate-region crops and discusses the specific soil management problems of subsistence farmers in tropical countries.