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  1. 1991-01-01 Agroforestry as an ancient art and a modern science has great potential to improve the livelihoods of farmers in the Asia-Pacific Region. It is not a panacea which fits all land use needs, but rather it is an important land use which includes a diverseset of practices and systems. We hope that...
  2. 1999-01-01 This book concerns staple crops for the Pacific area including nutritional values, traditional staple foods, imported staples, the composition of staple foods, and the future of staple foods in the Pacific.
  3. 1970-01-01 30 full color pictures with authentic descriptions. 64 pages, illustrated, photos
  4. Available on: iOS Android When crop pests and diseases occur farmers want immediate solutions. Time is of the essence. If they have to go searching for information which takes days to find, it might already be too late. They need to know what the problem is, what's caused it, and what to do...
  5. In assembling this collection of flowers, selection has been determined by those thought to bethe most likely visible to visitors to the tropical Pacific, by their special use in foreign lands, or by factors of interest.
  6. 1988-01-01 This book reports on a study of the chemical composition and nutritional status of a wide range of Pacific root crops.