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  1. 1997-01-01 Although Africa has fewer orchid species than the other tropical continents, some of the world's most spectacular, and increasingly popular, terrestrial orchids are found in Africa. This guide, covering sub-Saharan Africa, includes all plants available from nurseries and many that are being grown...
  2. 1992-04-01 This edition deals with orchids of the South Florida Pine Rocklands. 47 pages, illustrated, photos
  3. 2005-01-01 In spite of the title, we have been told by experienced orchid growers in the U.S. that this little handbook is useful for growing orchids indoors anywhere in the world. It is beautifully illustrated and full of practical information on orchid culture and propagation.
  4. 1993-01-01 Singapore Science Centre presents 45 species; color photos; and propagation information.