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  1. No page numbers, tables
  2. A publication on Macuna divided into general info, production, food prep, forage/feed, newsletter, and phytochemistry. 1 notebook 2 copies
  3. 1956-01-01 Section 2 of a series 37 pages, illustrated, photos
  4. 1966-01-01 This publication is 1966 FAO review of scientific and practical knowledge of legumes. 367 pages, illustrations, photos
  5. 1975-01-01 55 pages, illustrated
  6. 1987-01-01 Study Guide: to be used as a supplement to the audiotutorial unit on the same topic. 49 pages, illustrated
  7. 2001-01-01 39 pages, illustrated
  8. 1986-01-19 The papers are intended to be used as guidelines to help people choose technologies that are suitable to their situations. 16 pages, illustrated
  9. 1955-01-01 Series 1: Pasture and range plants 26 pages, illustrated, photos
  10. AccessAgriculture Training Video Legumes like cowpea or soya bean are a source of protein, essential to build children’s muscles. Legumes also have oil, which helps children to put on weight. Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals that are important for the development of your...