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  1. Peggy Bradley A class on using small containers in a micro-garden. This shows using recycled materials to help construct a garden at home
  2. Peggy Bradley Class 5 of the Micro-Gardens Class on using mineral hydroponic nutrient.
  3. Peggy Bradley The first class in a series of videos on Micro-Gardens. How to grow your own food on a 100 by 50 foot lot
  4. Peggy Bradley This class shows different things that can be used instead of soil to grow plants. It is part of a micro-gardens Class to grow your own food on 100 by 50 foot lot.
  5. Peggy Bradley This is class 7 in the Micro-garden Training and concerns controlling pests with natural means.
  6. Peggy Bradley This is the ninth and final class in the Micro-gardens Course. It discusses products other than food that can be grown with hydroponics.
  7. Peggy Bradley This is Class 3 in the Micro-gardens Class. It discusses making larger garden containers out of shipping pallets and sheets of black plastic.
  8. This updated edition of the classic guide to hydroponics provides a thorough introduction to soilless gardening for beginners and home gardeners. The science, history, and mechanics of hydroponics and aquaponics Basic and experimental methods of hydroponic gardening (including water culture,...
  9. This manual shows how anyone can grow fruits and vegetables right in their home or apartment, by one of the leading authorities on the science of growing plants without soil.
  10. The simple method described in this book makes it possible for anyone to garden successfullly without using soil, just by following a few straighforward rules. The author's aim is to bring soiless gardening within reach of all interested amateurs and householders, so that they may enjoy the...