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  1. 1967-08-01 Bulletin 718 31 pages, illustrate, photos
  2. 1982-06-01 11 pages, illustrated, photos Circular S-291
  3. 1956-01-01 Section 2 of a series 37 pages, illustrated, photos
  4. 1970-01-01 Seven cool season grass species were compared at different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and lime in a greenhouse experiment. It is evident from the data that tall fescue and rye grass were most consistent among the species in utilizing high levels of fertility to make increased growth. 24...
  5. 1972-01-01 Part I - Distribution and Host Plants Part II = INtroduction of neodusmetia sangwani, natural enemy of rhodesgrass scale 31 pages, illustrated
  6. 1956-01-01 In this booklet some of the more colorful and less desirable grasses and forbs are described. Each contributes something in its own way to the plant community. Section 3, Pasture and Range Plants 46 pages, illustrated, photos
  7. 1955-01-01 This booklets aim is to make it easier for anyone to read and understand the story that is written on the face of every range and pasture by the vegetation that grows there. Series 1: Pasture and range plants 26 pages, illustrated, photos
  8. The greatest health need of a family or individual is the daily use of organic fresh live produce. This book shows how everyone can grow simply within a small kitchen space an organic salad.
  9. 2006-01-01 This book is a general introduction to ornamental grasses and bamboos. The author describes how to grow and propagate them, and suggests many imaginative ways to make the most of them in your garden.
  10. A completely revised edition of this well known and respected text on pastures. Describes in detail currently available temperate pasturespecies and their growing requirements. Includes full colour photgraphs of many species. 1st, 4th & 5th Editions available.