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  1. A listing of fruit trees of Africa with description of how each part of the tree can be utilized. Also included are the English and Swahili names.
  2. Explore the delectable world of tropical fruits. Each fruit is illustrated to show the external and internal features, with detailed descriptions including appearance, distinguishing features and uses. Recipes, especially unusual ones are given where appropriate.
  3. Everything from soup to nuts-appetizers, soups, relishes, wines and liqueurs. Included are 140 recipes for 42 tropical fruits, each of which is fully described and illustrated in full color. Also included is information on calories and vitamins as well as directions for freezing, wine making,...
  4. 1993-01-01 Know and Enjoy Tropical Fruit is filled with interesting details about 141 tropical fruit and nuts. It explains how to identify, harvest or purchase, and how to store or tell the ripeness, and how to eat tropical fruit.