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  1. This book is the author's journey with bees, from his grandfather giving him a hive of bees to his understanding of how bees make honey, how men "harvest" it from the hives, and why bees are so intriguing and valuable.
  2. Explains every aspect, task, drawback, and reward of beekeeping, for beginning hobbyists and professionals, providing all necessary information on equipment, costs, hive management, bee behavior, disease control, and other topics
  3. This book brings out the enormous untapped potential for the development of a dynamic apiculture industry in the developing countries. Another point which clearly emerges from the various chapters is the great value of considering the tropical/sub-tropical region in an integrated manner.
  4. This handbook on tropical beekeeping for beginners is based on firsthand Ghanaian experience.
  5. The Symposium brought together keekeeping experts involved with development, other development practitioners and social scientists. By involving people from these different fields it was possible to examine the processes involved with helping people to strenthen livelihoods by means of...
  6. In Guide to Bees and Honey, Hooper's aim has been to replace the mystique and legend of an ancient craft with a practical approach, using the results of modern research techniques, and writing with enthusiasm and clarity.
  7. This book includes an in-depth discussion of the ways of the honeybee and how to handle them for the greatest possible profit and enjoyment.
  8. 1976-01-19 Worldwide, more than 3,000 plant species have been used as food, only 300 of which are now widely grown, and only 12 of which furnish nearly 90 percent of the world's food. These 12 include the grains: rice, wheat, maize (corn), sorghums, millets, rye, and barley, and potatoes, sweet potatoes,...
  9. 1977-01-19 This book describes in detail how to -Start Keeping bees (with step-by-step photos and drawings) -Why and How to Subtitute Honey for Sugar -150 Delicious Home-Teste Recipes
  10. Describes basic beekeeping equipment, shows how to build a beehive, and provides information on installing, handling, and caring for bees and harvesting honey.