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  1. 2002-04-20 Livestock production Livestock Revolution Livestock strategies in Bolivia Climate-soil-pasture-cattle interactions in Brazil Integrated systems Dry rivers Zero grazing in Kenya Cuban experience in integrated farming Llam production in Bolivia Dutch dairy farmers Predatory ants
  2. 1995-01-19 Alfredo Petrov, Cochabamba, Boliviashares his experience in controlling leafcutterants. James Gordley, Panama.“I am having great results with New Zealand spinach, Tetragonia tetragonioides. Fr. Gerold Rupper, Tanzania.Concerning mothers with insufficient milk for nursing, “This was the problem...
  3. Research, led by Dr Guillaume Chomicki from the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, has demonstrated that millions of years of ant agriculture has remodelled plant physiology. Farming ants deposit nitrogen-rich faeces directly inside plants, which has led to the evolution of these...
  4. 2007-01-01 68 pages, illustrated, photos
  5. 1997-01-19 Ideas for controlling leaf-cutter ants.
  6. 2000-03-20 A method to protect gardens from leaf cutter ants (Atta sp.) using sweet potatoes.