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  1. This page explains ways to collaborate with ECHO research initiatives.
  2. Abstract, Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 2020 December There is increasing interest in agroecology as a way to move toward more sustainable agriculture and food systems. However, the evidence of agroecology's contribution to sustainability remains fragmented because of heterogeneous...
  3. This book is addressed to all who are concerned with agricultural research, extension and development, regardless of discipline, profession or organization. It presents an outline of approaches, with evidence and examples.
  4. 1987-01-01 This paper reports on a conference held on the Philippines in 1987 where they discussed methods for on-farm animal -research trials and the economic analysis associatied with this kind of research.
  5. 2004-07-01 12 pages, illustrated, photos 2 copies (2ndcopy is 2nd edition, 32 pages)
  6. 1995-01-01 2 volumes, 1995 and 1995 Reports, illustrated, tables
  7. The Hunger Project papers. Established in 1977 its purpose is to establish a global context of individual will and commitment for ending hunger on our planet by the end of the century.
  8. In recent years this transfer of technology (TOT) paradigm has been increasingly questioned, even in the citadels of normal professionalism. Reductionist research, high input packages, and top-down extension have had their sucesses: in the uniform and controlled conditions of industrial and green...