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Presented By: Christopher Leow - Edible Garden City

Event: 2023 ECHO Asia Agriculture & Community Development Conference -- "From Surviving to Thriving" (2023-10-20)

Explore the journey of nurturing Singapore's urban farming ecosystem, from visionary concepts to practical implementations that are reshaping the urban landscape.

Singapore, though a small country, was once an agrarian country and had once even been self-sufficient. However, due to land redevelopment for housing and other priorities, it had downsized its farming industry, losing it's farming know-how and it's food growing culture.

In the recent years, there has been a renaissance in the country's interest to be more self-sufficient. With only having 1% of land growing space, farms have to be innovative with technologies and business models. 

In this session, Christopher Leow, one of the pioneers in Urban farming in Singapore shares about his journey through this nascent movement in growing unique produce in niche spaces such as rooftops, schools and even malls. He also shares how the country is educating the young, and even creating policy in urban planning to support a holistic urban farming ecosystem.