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Presented By: Dr Girma Abebe

Event: ECHO East Africa Symposium II on Best Practices in Highland Areas (2016-11-01)

Field days focusing on livestock production have been successfully used as a means to introduce and disseminate technologies. Training producers about improved management practices is greatly aided by supporting trainees to visit better off farmers. However, selection of farmers or producers to be visited has to be done carefully, prior to the planned visit for its effectiveness.

Presenter: Dr. Girma Abebe has more than 25 years of work experience of university teaching, 
research and livestock related development activities. He has held several administrative positions while at the university and served as a Research and Extension Director for five years. Currently, he is working for a USAID funded Livestock Project as Meat and Livestock value chain manager and also serves as vice president of the Ethiopian Society of Animal Production (ESAP).