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General description and special characteristics  -  Khasi Green is a looseleaf type of lettuce (as opposed to head and stem lettuce varieties). 

Varieties - 

  • Celtuce (ผักสลัดต้น พันธุ์ท้องถิ่น): Variety is similar to Khasi Green in maintenance but different in use. Young leaves can be eaten as well as the hardy stem at the base of the mature plant. A strong plant. 
  • Khasi Green (ผักสลัด/ผักกาดหอม พันธุ์สีเขียว):  From northeast India.  Light green leaves usually eaten raw.
  • Red Oak (ผักสลัด/ผักกาดหอม พันธุ์สีแดง): Beautiful local variety. Deep red and maroon in color. Leaves have wavy edges.