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Edible Portin: Fruit, Herb

Probably a natural hybrid between sweet orange and pomelo. A medium sized evergreen tree up to 10-15 m high. They spread 5 m across. The stem is stout and crooked. The branches hang down giving a rounded crown. The thorns are small. The leaves are dark shiny green and sword shaped. They can be 18 cm long. The leaves are leathery and they have rounded teeth along the edge. The leaf stalk usually has a broad wing. The flowers are creamy white and large. The flowers occur either singly or in clusters (2-20) in the axils of leaves. The flowers are 4-5 cm across. The fruit are large, yellow and in clusters. Fruit can be 9-15 cm across. Fruit are very juicy with a sweet-sour pulp. The juice sacs are large but closely packed. There are many cultivated varieties.